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EATINGEVOLVED Primal Chocolate


EATINGEVOLVED was born in the kitchen of a New York City apartment. Co-founders, Rick and Christine, found healthy desserts and treats hard to come by after adopting the Paleo lifestyle. With nothing suitable on the market, they decided to make their own chocolates. What began with homemade truffles, is now an entire chocolate line of dark chocolate products, including the world’s first and only Coconut Butter Cup.


We have a guiding principle that influences every decision we make — Chocolate: It’s Food, Not Candy. When chocolate is done right, it’s a delicious, antioxidant-rich superfood — a far cry from the commoditized, sugar-filled milk chocolate candies that line supermarket shelves. It is this principle that also drives our simple mission, which is to be the go-to chocolate for health conscious consumers. We know what it’s like to have nothing suitable on the market, and we work hard to solve that problem every day.


Paleonola Grain Free Granola


PALEONOLA is not your average granola. Traditional granola’s are filled with 90% oats and are made with ingredients like canola oil, cane sugar, soy lecithin and other additives that diminish and in some cases even ruin our intention of trying to eat healthy. We believe people deserve more from the foods they choose. Our signature blend of hearty nuts and seeds will give you the look and feel of traditional granola without the heavy carbohydrate load and sugar crash you’ll find elsewhere. Instead our nutrient dense ingredients and healthy fats will provide YOU with sustained energy that will allow you to perform better in every aspect of your lives. We believe your health starts with YOU and we encourage you to take responsibility by demanding higher quality products. Luckily, if you’ve made your way here, you’re off to a great start. Experience Paleonola today!



We let our ingredients
do the talking.

You love us for what’s inside. So we decided to be upfront about it. First things first, our exclusive, powerful core ingredients: egg whites, fruits and nuts. Our 100% natural flavors. And our one-of-a-kind promise: No B.S. Loud and clear.


Bubba's Grain Free Snack Mix

Hey fellow grain-free eaters!  Are you tired of staring into your pantry at night, wishing you could snack on a savory and crunchy treat?  Have you packed away your cereal bowls and now long for the days where you quickly poured out some granola for breakfast?

Bubba’s to the rescue!  Our savory Snack Mix and crunchy UnGranola make eating grain-free a cinch!  Delicious.  Convenient.  Healthy.  And Crunchy!

At Bubba’s, we thoughtfully hand make our fine foods in small batches in the front range of the Colorado Rockies.  Our ingredients are simple, minimally processed, and carefully selected.  We use only non-GMO foods.  Every product is grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.  We never use refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives, or cheap oils.  Only real food.  Because we respect your body.  And you should too.